Help with research on great-uncle Julius Silber #hungary


My grandfather, Albert Silber, was born in 1886 in Buzafalva, Abauj-Torna, Kassa, Hungary. He emigrated to NY in 1901. I have his birth record, immigration and citizenship records so am pretty confidant all that information is correct. I recently discovered a probable brother, Julius, who may have immigrated using my grandfather's name in 1906. It appears that Julius spent most of his life in America in mental hospitals and I do have his WWI draft registration and census documents until he died before 1960 all showing he was Hungarian and came from the same town in Hungary. The only immigration record I can find for 1906 for Silber shows the name as Albert and age as 15. It shows the person he was going to was his brother-in-law Desko Weisz. I believe there was a sister who came over first who married and became Rose Weiss, so this seems to fit. 

However, I found a birth record from Hungary that shows that my great-grandparents, Herman Silber and Rebeka Reich, had a son named Gyula in 1896 in Buzafalva. I don't know if Gyula would have been translated to Julius. If this is the same person, that means he would have only been 10 years old when he arrived in 1906. It is possible that they sent him over since his father died in 1900 and he had at least an older brother and sister already here. Is it possible he used my grandfather's name because he was too young to come on his own?

Julius was apparently a family secret and was never mentioned as far as I can tell, although apparently my grandmother was quite a difficult person and alienated most of her and her husband's family so I have no pictures, records or any other materials from either side.

Thank you for any help with this research.

Lori Silber May
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