Help With Russian Translation Biala Rawska, Poland 4 documents #poland

Alan K'necht <alan@...>

I have 4 records that I need help with. All are >from the town of Biala
Rawska, Poland and involved the Knecht family.

ACT 10 Marriage Pessa Knecht 1885
Looking to confirm her age, her parents names, then name and age of
the groom and where they are from

Death Record ACT 11 1891 for Mirla Knech nee Percuk
Looking for her age, her husband's name and any other relevant genealogical info

Marriage Record ACT 8 of a Laja Knecht 1873
Looking for the brides age, parents names and the grooms age and parents names

Death Record ACT 3 1874 for Chana Knecht
Looking for exact date of death, husbands name and maiden name. If
present, parents names.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Alan K'necht

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