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esther&shmuel be'er

Hello Jewishgen
I'd like to thank you for your great site and for all the information that one can find in it.
In one of your charts, under "publication type/Archive" is written "Jews repressed during 1st Soviet occupation of Lithuania" / Lietuvos Gyventoju Genocidas, 1939-1941...."
Where do I find this English Publication or is it just a translation of the Lithuanian publication below it?
And where do I find the "Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers Lists" (see chart below this one)

thank you very much for your help
Esther Be'er
Jerusalem, Israel


When items are underlined and/or in blue, you can usually click on them and go to that page. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Russ Maurer

Hello Esther,

These record sets were brought to you by LitvakSIG (JewishGen hosts our database).

For the "Jews repressed" file, see the explanation at

For the survivors list, the publication can be found in worldcat

Russ Maurer
Pepper Pike, OH
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG