Help with the name of a town on a marriage certificate #romania #names

Aline Petzold

Hello All;
I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out the name of a town in Romania.  It is mentioned in the marriage certificate of my great uncle and his first wife, my grandmother's sister in 1903.  It looks like"Ostopeni" or "Ortopiceni", but I cannot find that town's name anywhere.  I have included a screen shot of the certificate where the town is mentioned: Thanks, Aline Petzold,St. Paul MN

Aline Petzold
St. Paul MN


Hi Aline, 

Perhaps it says Ostobreni or Ostrobeni. There are two populated places, with that name, in Romania.
Giannis Daropoulos 


Valentin Lupu

Actually, Romanesti parish included 6 villages, among them the three mentioned in the Gazetteer.

Valentin Lupu