Help with tracing the Trezwik/Shavick family. from Leczna, Poland #poland

Nancy Shavick

I am researching my husband's family from the province of Leczna in Poland.  His father was Jankel (Jacob /Jack) Shavick who came to the UK about 1914.  The name became Shavick when the family came to the UK, in Poland Shavick was Trzewik.  His grandfather was Pejsach Trezwik.   According to the information I have been given by other family members Pejsach was born 15 April 1863 in Karczew, Lodzkie.  Apparently he died before 1920.  Pesach was married to Idesa Zylbersztajn. Idesa was born in 1866 and also died before 1920.  Their children were Baruch, Devora, Baila, Chaia, Icek, Tauba, Samuel and Jankel (Jacob, Jack).  Samuel was the first of the Shavicks to come over to the UK and Jankel came over to join him and to escape conscription into the Russian army,

I would be very grateful for any information which might help me with my research. Thank you, Nancy Shavick