How to prove family story about article in the Jewish forward newspaper


Hi All
One of my ancestral lines is surname Rakovschik from Minsk. One brother named isidore left behind 4 children, back in 1914 to settle in America via Canada.  The other brother David was already settled in Canada years earlier, but did settle in America about 1916.  Isidore apparently got too settled that he forgot about his children which is sad in itself. So the story goes as from what I heard, was that David saw an article in the Jewish forward. The article stated that isidore's children need to be sent for to come to America. Now there has to be truth to this story, for I have the 1926 and 1927 passenger manifest for all 4 kids. The two sons, came one year and the two sisters the other year. They arrived in April of both years. How do I proove this. How can I find this mysterious article in the newspaper. I have no idea what language the article was sent in, but assume Yiddish or English since he was in America. Any suggestions on how to do this. I would love to find this article. All four kids, were in an orphanage I think before coming to America.

Sarah Greenberg

Mark Shapiro

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