How to track naturalization number codes written later on passenger manifests #records

David Levine

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to trace the numerical code added to an individual entry on the original passenger manifest when they were in the process of naturalization?
In the screenshot below, the number is clearly legible
Can I cross reference it (or a part) in naturalization records to tie it to the person in the US?
This looks like 2-723161-505 - 4/15/40
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Laurie Sosna

This article has the explanation of the manifest markings

Laurie Sosna
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David Oseas


In addition to the info in the JewishGen Manifest Markings Infofile that Laurie pointed you to, here are a couple of observations that I've made during my naturalization research that might help you:
  • unfortunately, there isn't an index that cross references the number in the naturalization verification marking (the Certificate of Arrival request) and petition number
  • the number before the dash will help you pinpoint the district in which the person filed for naturalization
  • the naturalization verification date can help you locate a possible naturalization in a naturalization index collection.  While there are no hard & fast rules regarding dates, the majority of the cases that I've researched have a CofA date from 2 weeks to 4 months prior to filing their petition and the petition date is 4 months to 1 year prior to their citizenship certificate date (which is the date shown in naturalization indexes).  So, I would look in an index for a naturalization with a date from 4.5 months to 1.5 years after the verification date.  Of course, there are exceptions: in one case, the CofA verification occurred 6 months after the petition was filed.
  • only about 50% of the folks that I've researched that were issued a 505 form rather than a CofA ever went on to successfully naturalize (and none of the folks that had received a 404 ever naturalized).
David Oseas

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