How were they related in Tulchin? #ukraine

Marilyn Feingold

I am trying to determine my grandmother’s cousin’s maiden name.  Her  first name was Annie and she married Jacob Korman. Annie and Jacob were both from Tulchin. I believe they were married there. Annie was born in 1876. I am trying to determine who her parents were and how she is related to my  grandmother’s Milgrom Family (also from Tulchin). Annie and Jake lived in Atlanta, Georgia after they immigrated to America. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

 Marilyn Feingold

MILGROM (Tulchin, Obodivka, Kishinev, Argentina, Australia), Tashkent, Kiev, Israel
SCHLAFFER (Camenca,  Shpikov, Sorocca, Teleneshti, Odessa), Israel
ITKIS/ATKIN (Bila Tserkov)
LEIBOWITZ, Liebowitz(Balta)

Barbara Rice, JewishGen Education Volunteer

The JGSLI has a useful video on finding maiden names. 
You'll find some tips here.
Barbara Rice
Minneapolis, MN
Researching ROHSSLER, SEIDNER and WILDEFEUER in Krakow, KUPFERSCHMIDT and KATZ in Radziechow, ZUCHOVITZ and POTASHNICK in Stolpce Belarus and Woodbine NJ