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Looking for help finding the current names (or historical Hungarian names) for the birth cities Illesfaln and Fleshflow mentioned in 2 naturalization documents.   I have a Declaration of Intention for Naturalization that states a grandfather (Josef Glattstein) was born in Illesfaln sp? and a Petition for Naturalization that states he was born in Fleshflow sp? and his wife was born in Illesfaln.  However, I can't find either town in Hungary or anything that is similar.  His family is in Siroka, Saros, Hungary in 1869 and Josef indicates his last residence was Siroke.  We have another document that states that his wife is from Kishvarda. Josef spoke Hungarian, German, Yiddish, and English. I looked at the neighboring towns and nothing looks similar.

I've attached the 2 documents that state the birthplaces.  

Thank you.

Susanna Vendel

I suppose the name could be Illés (Illesfalu)     in Slovakia. 

Susanna Vendel

I suppose the second place's name could be Felsöfalu 
Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

Vivian Kahn

Joseph Glattstein was born in Illesfalu, which was in Szepes megye (county) Hungary. It is now Iliasovce, Slovakia. It is not far from Iglo, also known as Neudorf, which he identifes as his last place of residence. The place that appears to be “Fleshflow” is also Illesfalu.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director