Hungary SIG ALMUSLIN Ignatz Ujvidek 1829 #hungary

johan haesert

I am searching for my grandmothers father Ignatz ALMUSLIN borned in Neusatz/Ujvidek in 1929 the 10th of October. He seems to be of Sephardic origin. He left Hungary maried my grandmothers mother and he later got a swedish citizenship. I know nothing about his family and ancestors
I have been in contact with serbian and hungarian archives without result.
Best regards
Johan Haesert

Sherri Bobish


On there are only a few hits for surname ALMUSLIN.  All from Swedish records, except one for Josef ALMUSLIN in Neusatz.  Below is the provided transcription.  There may be more info on the original document, which you can see on Ancestry.  I cannot translate what is written.


Sherri Bobish

Name: Josef Almuslin
Gender: männlich (Male)
Death Age: 20
Event Type: Sterbefall (Death)
Birth Date: abt 1836
Death Date: 22 Jan 1856
Death Place:  
Affiliation: israelian (israelisch)