I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general

Barbara Algaze

You might consider

Beit Hatfutsot: Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv.  I am sure that they will be around for a very long time.
Barbara Algaze


48 Hour Sale at #general offers a Free 2mb account that I have been playing with. They offer storage for digitized photos (.jpg .tif .gif .png +more) documents (.pdf +more) interviews and videos. It is very user friendly. I love the ease of importing/exporting, adding tags and metadata, and organizational abilities, and their mini-turorials. I was up and running with no roadblocks. They include a small photoediting program that can add text to a photo, for naming individuals.

Check out their “deals” section. I got $15 credit for signing up and am seriously looking at buying (one time fee) 25GB storage for me and my families for $200 for 100+ years!  This includes perpetual care conversIons as .jpg, .pdf et’c become obsolete. They also offer suites of additional services to aid in many types of presentations. With diversification in mind, this handles one major area of concern, my sources, photos, and history of the people and places in my Trees. 

I have not yet pulled the trigger so if anyone knows of a downside to this, please reply. 
Reba Harris Solomon

Susan stone

On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 06:39 AM, rebasolomon wrote:

FamilySearch Update: I have been following up on the suggestion to put my trees in Family Search‘s special Archival area. As far as I can determine, this area is called IGI-International Genealogical Index. In the past, it accepted LDS and other family trees for archiving. It has NOT ACCEPTED NEW TREES since 2010 when the entire index was assembled and became part of Legacy’s collections. 
If I am incorrect and you know of a different FamilySearch archive still available out there, please let us all know. 
Reba Harris Solomon, New York

Reba...thank you for this info.  I was just about to see if I could put my tree on Family Search but now I know we can't.  I am going to try my old Family Tree Maker disc, like Marcel Apsel from Antwerpen said to print out an descendant report on paper.BUT...of course this does not preserve the "gallery" of docs, photos and artifacts I've posted:   My Hungarian cousin was a partisan and wrote memories of his time during the Holocaust...My great aunt's wedding invitation in Hungarian and of my grandmother's brothers  dated 1914 in their military uniforms for the Tsar (sent like a postcard with Yiddish on the back).  on and all have this stuff.  
So many ideas in all of these posts. .  Thank you all.  I haven't been attending local geneaology meetings so this helps me feel not so alone with these issues.


Reba, Susan, as I pointed out somewhere above, you're looking in the WRONG PLACE.

Genealogies is NOT the IGI. The International Genealogical Index is a no-longer-being-added-to _index_. It is not a family tree.

You very much _CAN_ archive family tree files on FamilySearch. Got to Search - Genealogies, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the blue button labeled "Submit Your Tree".

Julia Szent-Györgyi
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Susan, Reba's post is incorrect. The IGI and the Genealogies section of FS are two totally different things. The first is an index (not family trees); it is indeed no longer being added to, but that's neither here nor there for our purposes. The Genealogies section is archived family tree files (GEDCOMs) submitted by users of FS. You can submit your own file by going to FamilySearch - Search - Genealogies and clicking the "Submit" button near the bottom of the page.

I don't know what Genealogies does with images. As far as I know, the GEDCOM format doesn't actually include pictures, only pointers to them (which of course are useless for portability), so I think you need some other site/service to archive those.

Julia Szent-Györgyi
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Marcel Apsel

About printing familiy trees on paper by FamilyTreeMaker.  You can make all kind of charts and including default as much as you want.  In the older versions of FTM you could create new facts and I think with a little bit of manipulating you should be able to add specific facts you create by your own on printed sheets.  I do not know if this works with the recent versions, I did not try it out, but normally it should.

In FTM you should go to the person windows, open the blue cross for facts and choose the button new and you can create a new fact where you can choose a specific name you wish.  There you can file whatever you want in the way you want.  I never tried to put pictures this way, so maybe you can try it.



Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium


Thank you, Julia, for your post about archiving at I followed your specific path and successfully uploaded my gedcom file, and my information went into their Pedigree Resource Files.  Unfortunately, the process eliminated all my side branches and only includes my direct ancestors. Am I in the wrong place?  Is there a way to archive my complete gedcom file in FamilySearch? 
Thank you,
Reba Harris Solomon


Thank you, Julia, for being so specific with your instructions about archiving my trees at I followed your path and successfully uploaded my gedcom file and it automatically went into their Pedigree Resource Files. It only shows my direct ancestors and eliminated all the connected cousins and sidelines. Is there a way to show my complete gedcom file?  Thank you,
Reba Harris Solomon


Final Answer:
I want to wish a hearty Thank You to all who responded and provided input. With your help I have found 3 places to store my genealogy online, hopefully for a very long time, where it is searchable but not collaborative. 

1. BEIT HATFUTSOT - the Family Trees section is
just a baby Beta program right now, and so far I have not been able to view my work, but hopefully it will continue to develop and go from strength to strength. The link is

It takes a few days until you get your registration number and can view your tree. 

As of now I’m submitting but reserving judgment until I can search my work. 

2. - I know the history of what some Mormons did with Holocaust names, but I’m going with it anyway. The website is very professionally done. My trees have gone into their archival and searchable GENEALOGIES section (NOT their collaborative Family Tree.) From a computer (not your phone) go to
scroll down past the search section to “upload your genealogy.”  It takes about 15 minutes to process. You must click on “compare” and back again before your upload will move from “processing” to “compare” to “ready.”

3. This website stores, preserves and updates documents, photos and interviews, for 100+ years. It’s amazingly easy to sort and tag the files. This Sunday 9/13 I will take advantage of their sale, and pay a one time flat fee of $200 for 25 GB of online storage. 

These will all be viewable by my family, and in addition I have hard copies of each tree and documentation that will be held by some lucky (?) relative. 😄. Perhaps one day soon I will use the supplemental services of to pull together a book I can store at the Library of Congress. 


So I’ve created a diversified, long term plan for my trees, photos and documents. Thank you all so much for your help and input.

May we all share a happy and HEALTHY New Year.

May you all be inscribed in the Book of Life!
Reba Harris Solomon