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In the 1920s, Paul Seidner born in Hungary and Johanna Klein born in Romania sailed from Europe to Havana, Cuba, at a time when there was a large influx of Jews into the island. It is rumored they may have been married on the ship. They stayed in Havana where they raised a family until the Castro revolution prompted them to move to the United States where they eventually passed. I've been trying to find their dates of immigration into Havana. The web site Cubagenweb is in the process of transcribing passenger lists for online lookup but they've not gone beyond 1900 and it's a slow process.

I don't know from what European port they sailed. I'd like to know of resources, preferably online, where I might be able to find sailing in/out information. I've already searched Ellis Island records to see if they came through New York and, although there are people on there that match their names, the other data indicate it is not them. I've not found information on Ancestry, Family Search, etc. 

Does anyone have ideas for where else I may look for this information?  Maybe it's easier if I can find out the ports where they may have sailed out of?

Eugenia Bachert
New Jersey, USA

Stephen Weinstein

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I don't know from what European port they sailed.
Try and databases of departures from European ports that include that time period, such as Web: Bremen, Germany, Passenger Lists Index, 1907-1939 (which is currently free, unlike most of
Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California, USA