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Marilyn Robinson

Someone had been kind enough  to  research a ship's record  for me after I had posted information here [ TAUFIELD, 1890 Passenger List Records for New York City:Arrivals..].
The record that she found had the wife listed as "Emilie". I was looking for an Esther/Ester/ Esta---could "my" name have also been, alternatively, "Amalia/"Amalie"?--
[  the reader found "Adolf TAFLAWITSCH, traveling with Emilie & arriving in NYC, July 1890; I was researching Adolf/Adolph TAUFIELD---family lore indicated that Taufield was not the original name, but there are several  "TAFLOWICZ" in my family]

Until recently, Ancestry had a chart on their home page into which you could write a first name & then look for another country's version or versions of that name. That chart no longer exists & I received no satisfaction after having a phone conversation with a supervisor at Ancestry  regarding this issue.
Does anyone know of a similar chart of name variations?

Marilyn Robinson

Elise Cundiff

That is on JewishGen - the "Given Names Database" :   The Given Names Data Bases (
You do not need to donate to access this database IIRC.
Look under "Learn" on the home page, then click on  "search methodologies and research advice"  - scroll far down that page.

Elise Norman Cundiff, Ohio
Researching families from Zelva (Pazelva) and Moletai (Malat), Lithuania