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My Isaacs ancestors were already established in London by the late 1700s. Earliest official record is the marriage of Michal (Meir) Isaacs to Hannah Davis in the Hambro Synagogue, London, 18 August 1819. Michael’s father is shown as Yehuda ben Michael Chansford  I have a substantial family tree for them and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that they are related to Sir Rufus Isaacs one time Viceroy of India and his uncle who was Lord Mayor of London. My question relates to the suffix ‘Chansford’. It also applies to the families Elias, Solomon, and Levy whose marriages are listed in the Great Synagogue Marriage Registers 1791-1850. This also lists a Lazarus marriage with the groom’s name suffixed ‘Hansford’. There is some accepted wisdom that Chansford is a corruption of Chelmsford (the English town in Essex), but for several reasons too long to list here I think it might refer to the German town of Hainsfarth which had a large Jewish community. If anyone has ever researched this before or has other suggestions I’d be pleased to hear. 

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Hello Christine

My family, Michael Isaacs was married in Hambro Synagogue on 15 Nov 1826 to  Bluma Levy:  his name was translated as Sheinsfort  (but could have been Chansford)   Whilst my grandmother thought we were related to Rufas Isaacs family, such was not the case.  Both Rufas and my family were wholesale fruiterers and lived at 11 Lamb Street. Spitalfields in 1826 and later in Covent Garden area.  Both he and his wife were fruit salesman/woman.. He died in 1855.

If you think this is the same family as yours I would be pleased to hear.  I dont have any Elias or Solomon, but a later Isaacs did marry a Solomons in 1899.


John Shaw
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