Italian Survivors in May 1945 emigrated to the USA #usa

David Lewin

Do you per chance recognize this story?

Do you think it may be possible to identify this group of Italian
survivors of World Was 2? We have no names - and only an approximate
date when they will have left Italy

A Italian man named Pietro Gardenal (1909-1983) was in America during
the 2nd World War, having been taken prisoner there at the start of
the war, because he had fought in WWI and was still considered part
of the Italian army.

Pietro Gardenal's wife Anna Belot who had stayed in Italy to care
for her three children, wanted to help the Italian Resistance, and
took in a Jewish family, a Polish soldier, and a Russian man. Anna
had been introduced to them by a captain in the Italian army named
Giovanni De Giusti, who was active in the Italian Resistance.

The house where they lived was in Via San Felice, in the town of San
Vendemiano, about 20 kilometers north of Treviso in northern Italy.
Those hiding there stayed in a barn during the day, coming out only
at night. On May 1, 1945, the day before the war ended, the Jewish
family left for Sicily, with the plan to travel on from there to America.

Which American and Canadian Agencies, Institutions and Organizations
were assisting survivors in Italy to reach the USA?
Where else other than Jewishgen can I direct this email?

Many thanks

David Lewin


Check CDJ and HIAS

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto

Eva Lawrence

My late cousin. Erich  Jehoshua Marx joined the Jewish Brigade in October 1944. . His father. Leopold Marx has published a biography  "Jehoshua., Mein Sohn",  Including a collection of extracts from his letters to his parents in  Shavei Zion,  in what was  then still Palestine  There are ten pages of reports on the Brigade's landing in Italy and its progress north. One of the letters is headed 'Jewish refugees', and says that a clothing collection was mad for them. Also he says that  'The Joint" is ding iits best to help them. I believe that this refers to  a British Jewish organisation called something like "The Joint Palestinian Relief Organisation"  The letters are in German and give some idea of the chaotic conditions in Italy at the end of the war, but are difficult to summarise or skim through.. The successor of the 'Joint' is probably the World Jewish Relief Organisation, who have quite an archive of details of Jewish Refugees.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.


Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.


When my dad spoke of the "joint" , he was referring to the Joint Distribution Committee.

Adela Weinstein
Peoria, Arizona