Jensen Schleswig Holstein #germany


Does anyone know anything about the Jensens from Schleswig-Holstein?.   Arrived in Australia 1833 - 1860.   Possible first name of:  Charles Isaac, Karl or Christian, .... those are names he used on documentation after 1860.   but mostly Charles Isaac in Australia.
Thank you. 
Therese Jansan

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Therese,

Unfortunately, this is not enough information: the name Jensen is widespread in northern Germany and Scandinavia, as it is derived from the first name Jens and means Jens' son. I have not encountered Jensen in my Jewish research in this area, and the first name Christian is more common among converts. 
When I search for Jensen in the Schleswig-Holstein database (census database for Schleswig-Holstein and parts of Denmark), there are more than 15,000 hits. Also the name 'Karl Isaak Jensen' does not lead to any hits, as well as research in the Altona database 1845 (Altona was in Schleswig-Holstein, but 'next to' Hamburg).
Kind regards from Northern Germany
Corinna (Wöhrl, née Goslar)