Jewish Colonization Assoc./Baron Moses Hirsch #general

Myrna Waters

With regard to the Baron Hirsch colonization in SA (Brazil), one of my great uncles left a story that when his parents and 6 of his siblings arrived at the port in Europe (possibly Hamburg, but not certain) from Puchovich, SE of Minsk, someone at the port suggested to his father that they should go to SA (Brazil) as there were going to be new communities set up and they would be giving land to each settler to farm, etc.  Instead of coming to the USA, where the older children had arrived earlier in the 1900's, a few brought over by their father who worked in NYC for a while and then returned to Russia, they all took a long steamship ride to Brazil.  
Does anyone possibly know where records of these immigrants might be found, perhaps where records would have been kept by the organization in the USA?  I have not been successful, yet, in gathering any specific information.  As this great uncle was a young child when these events unfolded and then recorded this information late in his life, he did not use the name of the ports, the ship, or any town where they traveled to by train from the port.  
After a short while in Brazil, where a baby daughter died and was buried, the family returned to Europe, most likely to Hamburg as the record shows they came from there to Ellis Island in 1914 on the President Grant. 
I have tried the immigration records to Rio, but have not found any information about this family, so I am hoping there is somewhere in the USA that I might submit my questions and verify that his memories were accurate.
Thanking everyone in advance for any suggestions and wishing all a very safe and happy New Year filled with love, kindness, family and friends. 

Myrna (Slatnick) Waters

Researching:  SLEPACK (or similar) Belarus/Bialystok area; SLATNICK/SLOTNIK (or similar) Minsk/Puchovichi area of Russia from 1905/1914 to NY & Newark, NJ;  KURZMANN Jaslo, Poland and Drohobych, Ukraine area (both formerly in what was the Galician area of Austria prior to WWI), KURTZMAN in NY/Bronx and NJ/Newark from 1905/1910, SADOWSKY (or similar) from Belarus area of Russia/Bialystok 19th century to Newark, NJ 1905 or after.