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can someone please recommend a good source of information about C19th  jewish families in south wales with possible connections to Devonport and Liverpool?

also how to find the supposed original name before frederick howard hewson. under this name my gt grandfather sold quack medicines in swansea cardiff and newport south wales in the 1880s and 1890s 

thanks df  

Flavio Baran

He sounds like quite a character!

The Jewish Genealogy Society Of Great Britain has its own library in London and members with expertise in lots of different areas. If you contact them, they should be able to point you to helpful resources.   

hope this helps

Nancy S

Maryland, USA




Radzivilow, Ukraine; Ostrog, Poland

Lewis, Megan

Dear df,

Have you contacted Jewish History Association of South Wales,  Even if they do not have the materials you need they can probably point you in the right direction.



Megan Lewis  Reference Librarian  202.314.7860
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Jill Whitehead

If you join the JGSGB you will have access to all their online facilities including their Jewish Communities database, for which there is one on respectively Wales, Scotland, Ireland as well as larger and smaller communities in England.   I myself have family from Liverpool and North Wales. From memory, an academic  researcher called Nathan Abrahams wrote a book on Welsh Jewry a few years ago.

Jill Whitehead

Devonport is part of Plymouth and information on this area would be in Rabbi Susser's index of Jewish families in SW England with info on the JGSGB's website.My late father lived in Plymouth between the wars.  


many thanks one and all for some excellent leads which i would not have found without you.

at the moment, my jewish heritage is speculation based on a direct comment from an elderly, now deceased relative and other bits and pieces.

it has been wisely suggested that i start with a dna test which i am arranging [a black friday deal too] and will go from there.

on some forums my family would seem rather daring, teenage elopements etc [and my grandmother in WW1 not only faced down a hostile mob but went to the warzone in france and brought back my underage uncle] but i am frankly humbled by the stories revealed in your forum and databases.

dick fowler