Jewish Internment on the Isle of Man During WW2 #events #education

tony hausner

Yesterday I gave a talk entitled: "Jewish Internment on the Isle of Man During WW2" to our email group: Internment on the Isle of Man.  Our group focuses on the Isle of Man but includes all of the former British Commonwealth Internment Camps during the two world wars.  
The talk covered the following:  
My parents, grandparents and other family members escaped from Vienna shortly after the Anschluss. After about a year, the British government decided that people from Germany, Austria, Italy and several other countries could be classified as “enemy aliens”. Several members of my family were interned as “enemy aliens” and men and women were housed in separate camps on the Isle of Man. My parents wrote letters to each other frequently. My mother kept my father’s letters which I have given copies to several museums. This talk will focus on the history of British internment and my parents' experiences. I will also discuss the visit that my wife and I made to the Isle of Man in 2016, the exhibit we saw at their Manx Museum, our meeting with Museum staff, and our tour of the island.
Here are the following from the talk:
Tony Hausner
Silver Spring, MD