Jewish Migrants to South America #latinamerica


Jewish Migrants to South America

 When the Jewish Colonisation Society fostered migration to Argentina and Brazil many of its nominees passed through London, and the Society used the services of the Poor Jews’ Temporary Shelter.  As a result, there are a number of entries in the Registers of the Shelter’s Inmates.  These are accessible through the Kaplan Centre of the University of Cape Town.  They would normally give details of name, age, last place of residence, occupation and destination (either Argentina or Brazil).  It should be possible to identify them from other inmates by listing them by ‘destination’.

 Similarly, at about the same time, a number of the Romanian ‘Fussgeyers’ passed through the Shelter, and their details are also recorded in the Shelter’s Registers.  They can be recognised through their stated destination (either Canada or Winnipeg)



The database seems to go only to 1911? Do you know if there is something analogous that goes into the 1920s? My husband's relatives left Poland and went to Argentina in 1928, according to my father-in-law.

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for emigrations to Argentina, search for CEMLA