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Sarah Lasry <s.lasry@...>

A number of years ago, I was told by a relative in Israel that we (both he
& I ) are direct descendants of the Shach, Rabbi Shabse Cohen, z"l,
through my maternal grandmother, who came >from Seta, Lithuania. (Shach
being an acronym for his work "Siftei Kohen" on the Shulchan Aruch- Code
of Jewish Law.)

I asked him for pertinent details about the generations , but he couldn't
provide any, except to say that my brother and great-grandfather, both
named Menachem Bentzion, are named after the Shach's son-in-law, Rabbi
Menachem Manis, z"l.

Through interlibrary loan, I obtained a copy of Keter Kehuna, a book
outlining the biograpies and family tree of Rabbi Shabse Kohen, z"l, and
his family.

His daughter, Esther, z"l, married to Menachem Manis, z"l, is the central
character of the true story "The Adopted Princess", by Dr. Marcus Lehman,
published in the 1970s.

In neither book, Keter Kehuna, nor The Adopted Princess, is any mention
given of Esther & Menachem Manis' z"l, children's, grandchildren's....etc.

Can anyone give me an "etza", an idea, as to how to proceed? I want to
know the names of the generations connecting my great-grandfather and the
Shach, z"l.


Sarah Lasry
Montreal, Canada