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 Hello all,

 I recently noticed (don't remember where, but I believe it was JewishGen)
 someone asked the origins of the name Tepermos - which was discovered to be
 a Yiddish pottering measure. I was wondering if anyone knows the origin of
 Tepper, Teper, etc., which I assume would be similar in some way to

Why is this difficult? German for 'pot' is 'topf', so that 'potter' is
'topfer' (with an umlaut over the 'o'). Yiddish is not very careful
with vowels, and certainly knows nothing about umlauts, so its
phonetic approximation is 'e'; it also routinely simplifies 'pf' to
'p'. That produces Tepper = Potter.

'Tepperman' is left as a home exercise.

Stan Goodman
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