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I thought I was the only one please, please hurry up and figure out what you are doing. I can't make heads or tails of your new format. Nothing flows. Graphically everything is big and takes up more space and less is said. What I primarily am trying to figure out if you are still maintaining the old way and this is just a separate discussion or you are eliminating the old discussion groups. What is the meaning of Digest#1, Digest #2, What is main? I am lost in your new format.
Marlene Dobrin

Carolyn Lea

I totally agree with you Judith. This is a step back ward - not forward. 

The old format was much easier to read and follow. 

Carolyn Lea (Schwarzbaum)

Carolyn Lea

I agree with Vicki Adelson. This is a mess and harder to read visually for some reason. And a day or two ago someone was told my the moderator to not use white lettering on spring green. Yet that is being done by Jgen in the new format - just a slightly darker shade of green. - white lettering is harder to read against anything but a very dark background and should just be avoided.Why change something that was fine before?

Carolyn Lea Schwarzbaum

Marian <mac4shop@...>

I for one like the new format much better (but I'm only subscribed to this one list).  Thanks!

sharon yampell

I agree


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Deborah Scheimer <debscheim@...>

I'm also happy with the new version of the discussion group. I think it has a very clean interface.  I use Google Chrome. Great Job,  team!

- Deb Scheimer 

Sam Eneman

Another option for receiving messages is the Full Featured Digest: 12 messages are grouped into one email which is easy to follow and reply to.

The email options are available under Subscription on the group's web version.

Sam Eneman
Charlotte NC

Martin Fischer

I think the changes are an overall improvement. The design is cleaner and more modern. Having the responses to earlier posts listed immediately below the original posts in the digest layout offers a good give-and-take format that allows the recipients to follow the arguments. 
Not being limited to plain text is great and long overdue. Our Hebrew and Russian subscribers now have the option of writing in their own languages if they prefer. We now can insert images or other relevant attachments such as photos or documents. 

Change can be intimidating. We will get used to it over time. Meanwhile, I assume the managers will be fine-tuning the system in response to criticisms and suggestions.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois

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Ed Goldberg

I like the new format - it is easy to read and very clear. Not sure why so many people are having problems. 


Sophia Shore

I was not able to post on the old forum because i did not know how to use the text program it required. If i can remember what i was trying to post, i will repost. Looking forward o using this site

Maurine McLellan

The new functions are great, but there are glitches that need to be resolved. Mitch said he sees the original message above replies, but I am not getting those. (The original message to which I am replying also did not show when I clicked on “Reply to group”)
Also, instead of one digest/day, I am getting multiple digests (numbered in sequence). So far today, I have received four digests only minutes apart. Some of the messages are repeats of what was in previous digests.
Hopefully, these issues can be worked out and we can get back to focusing on genealogy.

Maurine McLellan

Joan Edelstein

First, I’m very pleased with the digest format, thank you!

However, I’m also getting numerous digests each day. Having read the posts, I understand the digest should have up to 12 messages, though I’m not sure why it’s limited to 12 (I get digests in other groups that have over 20 messages). I would be fine with 12, knowing that’s the max. Unfortunately, so far today I’ve received four digests; one with 7 messages, two with 9 messages, and one with 10 messages. I think that’s probably on the sender end. It would be very helpful to have the maximum number of messages in each digest, which I expect will be shorter once the glitches are ironed out. It would also be helpful to increase the number of messages in the digest, as the reason we subscribe to digest is not to get so many emails.


Karen Schwartz

I agree with the thoughtful comments and suggestions of those who have indicated that this new format is cumbersome and awkward. Additionally, it wastes time, is unclear
and is quite user un-friendly. Some of us belong to more than one group and previously, prior to opening the email, one could easily see which group was sending the email.
Now, that is no longer visible.

Perhaps you had to make some updates but if they provide any benefit, it would seem that it accrues to the organization and not the users.

Please reconsider. It’s not that those who are complaining are unwilling to have any changes - it’s that these changes are burdensome and inefficient.

Thank you.

Nicole Heymans

Although I was somewhat taken aback initially by the new Discussion Group format, there are clearly a number of improvements over the old format.

My favourites:
Emails sent from my gmail address (which defaults to formatted text) will no longer be returned requesting "text only".
A few clicks allow us to visualise a full thread of discussions. Pure bliss. An immense improvement over the old system. See Avraham Groll's message in this thread, Digest #8, message 2d, 12 Oct 2019 23:21:39. 

You might need to adapt Avraham's instructions to your configuration. I find in Thunderbird clicking on "reply to group" produces a blank page, but "View/reply online" leads to an online form; scrolling down will take you to "View all nn messages in topic".

We (members) hope SIGs will be adapted in the near future. Reassurance from JewishGen on the matter would be welcome. Also availability of discussion group archive messages in the JGen search engine. These archives have been unavailable for nearly a full year.

I am happy to see that messages of approval of the new platform are gently outnumbering disapproval, and trust genners will adapt wih mutual help.

Nicole Heymans
near Brussels, Belgium

Werner Hirsch

I'm sure a lot of work went into redesigning this discussion group, but I agree with Leslie.  As things are now, I'd be happy to see the old layout once again.

New Haven, CT USA

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

You agree with what?

Avraham… this is what I meant yesterday..   People respond, but in many cases the message they are responding to does not appear…       

Barbara Mannlein

On Oct 13, 2019, at 1:15 PM, sharon yampell <genealogicalgenie@...> wrote:

I agree
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I agree with Joan, too many digests!

Deborah Blinder

As there have been so many comments expressing dissatisfaction with the new discussion group platform, I feel I must add my voice to the other side. I think the changes are very good and long overdue. There may be some fine-tuning yet to be done, but overall, I'm quite pleased. 

Deborah Blankenberg

fred feldman

Very hard to understand.  Will need to try for a while to see if it was worth it.  Role out not adequate.  Old system was easy and adequate.

Ina Getzoff

I am torn between liking the new format and wanting to go back to the old format but am willing to wait and see how this will work out. As Nicole has pointed out-more members seem to like the new format over the old.

Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.