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Phil Goldfarb Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, Editor

Date: March 26, 2023


“A Family Without The Understanding Of Their Past History, Foundation And Ethnicity Is Like A Tree Without Roots”


Enjoy this week’s News Nosh...Jewish Genealogy, Jewish History and Jewish Culture!




1.      Next free JewishGen Webinar: The Alex Krakovsky Project: Navigating the Wiki to Locate Ukraine Town Records. Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Speakers: Gary Pokrassa and Joel Spector. To register go to: Museum of Jewish Heritage -A Living Memorial to the Holocaust ( NOTE: Registration is via the Museum of Jewish Heritage website. If you are not a member of the Museum (as opposed to being a JewishGen member), close the pop-up window which appears, and register as a "guest." For problems, contact support@... Gary Pokrassa, Data Acquisition Director of JewishGen’s Ukraine Research Division, will present on Alex Krakovsky’s Wiki and records digitization projects. Alex is a Ukrainian researcher, who, using freedom of information laws in Ukraine, forced virtually every archive to permit him to scan their records and post them to an online wiki page, yielding a massive amount of raw data. Gary will go through Alex’s postings and describe how to navigate the Wiki to locate town records and how to find hidden data not obvious on the home page.


2.      Upcoming JewishGen course: Crafting Stories from Your Family's Past! Gather up those documents, letters, and photographs and reveal the stories that lay within. In this four-session course, writer and historian Barbara Krasner guides you through a series of timed prompts to bring your family's history onto the page. For more information:  Starts April 16, 11 am Eastern - 1 pm Eastern via instructor-provided Zoom Ends on May 7. Questions? Contact: barbarakrasner@...    


3.      LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database (ALD) milestone: 25 years 2.5 million records. LitvakSIG has reached a major milestone with 2.5 million records in 2.5 decades. That works out to 100,000 records translated and added to the database per year, or about 275 per day, day in and day out, over the last 25 years. At the ALD, you will find over 600,000 vital records, over 1 million records from population enumerations such as revision lists, draft lists, family lists, and censuses, and many other kinds of records as well. Their 1st quarter 2023 update consists of new 20,413 records. Visit the ALD at:


4.      New Databases on IGRA’s Website. The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new databases on its website. There are now over 2.7 million records available in their databases. With each release they provide a variety of records to our collection. A preview of the databases is available at  Before viewing and searching the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website: To view/search the databases, go to the database tab on the website.


5.      FamilySearch’s Top 30 Country Record Collection Expansions in 2022. Over 420 million indexed records were added to 30 free online country collections, and millions more were added to over 100 more new collections from archives all over the world. To see the list of additions and to read the story, go to: FamilySearch’s Top 30 Country Record Collection Expansions in 2022


6.      Ancestry Recently Added and Updated Collections. added quite a number of records over the past several months. Here is a list of them:  Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry


7.      Practicing Safe Computing-IRS Scams. Former IAJGS President and IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Hal Bookbinder has published his latest, timely article which is called IRS Scams. Tax season is time to be especially sensitive and vigilant to scams associated with state and federal taxes. Sometimes the scam involves a demand for immediate action to avert dire consequences. Sometimes it relates to an unexpected refund or government payment. In either case, it is vital to think before acting or providing sensitive information. This month's article highlights some red flags that could spell danger. The article is #89. You can view all articles at: Practicing Safe Computing Articles.pdf (


8.      Anti-Jewish harassment occurred in 94 countries in 2020, up from earlier years. Incidents ranged from verbal and physical assaults to vandalism of cemeteries and scapegoating for the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first year of the study, 2007, antisemitic incidents were documented in 51 countries. Read the new study from Pew Research: Jewish people were targets of antisemitic harassment in 94 countries in 2020, up from earlier years | Pew Research Center


9.      Also, just out this week… ADL study reports massive increase in antisemitic incidents in 2022.  From Neo-Nazi propaganda campaigns to attacks against Orthodox Jews to threats directed at synagogues, the number of antisemitic incidents in the United States saw a dramatic increase in 2022, according to an annual audit published by the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL counted 3,697 incidents of harassment, vandalism and assault targeting Jews last year — a 36% increase from the 2,717 recorded in 2021 and by far the highest total since the organization began tallying the data in 1979. Read the story from JTA: ADL reports massive increase in antisemitic incidents in 2022 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (


10.  The Long History of Forcing Jews to Wear Anti-Semitic Badges. The practice was common in medieval Europe. Ways to make Jews visible in the cities and towns of medieval Europe abounded, from yellow wheels in France to blue stripes in Sicily to yellow pointed hats in Germany to red capes in Hungary to white badges shaped like the Ten Commandments tablets in England. Read the story from Smithsonian magazine: The Long History of Forcing Jews to Wear Anti-Semitic Badges | History| Smithsonian Magazine


11.  US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Share Your History…Preserve Films and Help Save Holocaust Evidence. The Museum is in a race against time to rescue the evidence of the Holocaust, including home movies and amateur films taken before, during, and immediately after the Holocaust. These items provide insight into the lives of eyewitnesses whose documentation of world-changing events are at risk of being lost forever if these films are not located, preserved, and made accessible to future generations who study this history. Their conservators are world-class experts at preserving film and artifacts, especially those that are fragile. Once artifacts are in their care, they are committed to digitizing and sharing them so people will learn from Holocaust history and honor its victims and survivors. To read more and to contribute to their collection, go to: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ( If you have some time, check out highlights of their film collection at the bottom of the page.


12.  These Holocaust survivors were once classmates in a DP camp. They just reunited after 76 years. The last time Michael Epstein, 87, and Abe Rosenberg, 82, were in the same room, they were in Germany, studying in a classroom in a displaced person’s camp in Bavaria after the Holocaust. This time around, it was in the social hall of Young Israel of New Hyde Park, New York, where the pair embraced, said the Shehecheyanu prayer to mark their reunion and shared their survival stories with an in-person audience of about 100. Read the story from JTA: These Holocaust survivors were once classmates in a DP camp. They just reunited after 76 years. - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (


13.  80 years on, Israeli flag flies over site of Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Activist honors the Jewish warriors who stood their ground valiantly for nine days. At its height, as many as 460,000 Jews were imprisoned there. Many were transported from there to multiple German Nazi death camps, most notably Treblinka. On April 19th, 1943, thousands of German troops entered the Ghetto for the last time. Two brave groups of Jewish fighters stood up against them, the ZOB, the Jewish Combat Organization and the ZZW, the Jewish military union, in a stand of resistance, uprising and ultimate bravery. Read the full story from Jewish News UK: 80 years on, Israeli flag flies over site of Warsaw Ghetto uprising | Jewish News


14.  Indonesia’s Jews Come Out. In the world’s most populous Muslim country, a new generation of Jews strives for visibility. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation, is currently home to around 500 Jews, out of a population of over 275 million. But as Indonesians of Jewish ancestry have started to publicly reclaim their heritage over the past two decades, the community is thriving like never before. Read the story from Tablet Magazine: Indonesia’s Jews Come Out - Tablet Magazine


15.  Celebrating the digital launch of an iconic Yiddish song collection. The long-awaited searchable database of 400 Yiddish songs is based on the songbooks compiled by the late husband-and-wife team, Yosl and Chana Mlotek. The Collection is based on the widely popular out-of-print songbook series, Pearls of Yiddish Song  Read the story from the Forward: Celebrating the digital launch of an iconic Yiddish song collection – The Forward


16.  Inside the auction house driving the rare-book craze in the Orthodox world. Since Genazym’s first auction in 2017, it has sold some 1,900 books, manuscripts and other collectible documents for about $26 million plus commission, roughly $12 million above total starting prices, At the highest end of sale prices, a 16th-century first-edition Shulchan Aruch, a book of Jewish law, commanded $620,000 at a Genazym auction last September, while a copy of Noam Elimelech, a classic rabbinic treatise, printed in 1788, fetched $1.4 million four months later. Read the story from JTA: Inside the auction house driving the rare-book craze in the Orthodox world - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (


17.  They fought for Israel. They died with their lives a mystery. Now, strangers are uncovering their stories. “We have a duty to remember those who fell for the establishment of this country,” There were 963 fallen soldiers who fought in Israel’s War of Independence and before, as members of the British brigade of Jews in Mandatory Palestine during WWII for whom biographical information was missing. In the past decade, the organization called Latet Panim Lanoflim — “giving a face to the fallen”, which is volunteer-run, has sourced biographical information for 270 of those 963 soldiers with previously unknown biographies, and hopes to shed light on the lives of the rest. Read the story from The Forward (may require a subscription): Filling gaps in the stories of fallen Israeli soldiers – The Forward


18.  Did you watch Shtisel? As Shtisel is set to leave Netflix, a ‘Shtisel’ Spin-Off Called ‘Kugel’ Is in the Works. “Shtisel” was conceived while eating kugel at a Bnei Brak eatery called Shtishel, which serves Ashkenazi staples — so it only makes sense that the upcoming spin-off of this beloved Israeli show would be given the name of the beloved noodle dish. Read the story from Kveller: A 'Shtisel' Spin-Off Called 'Kugel' Is in the Works – Kveller


19.  Trader Joe’s Launches Their Own Brand of Matzah. Just in time for Passover, Trader Joe’s is giving us a holiday miracle: their own NEW brand of matzah, and it’s made in Israel. For Jews around the country who sometimes struggle to find kosher for Passover products, the availability of this matzah could be a game changer. Read the story from My Jewish Learning: Trader Joe's Launches Their Own Brand of Matzah | The Nosher (


20.  Israeli scientists find how pancreatic cancer spreads and kills – study. The new study, led by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, opens the door to possible treatments for pancreatic cancer. Read the story from the J Post: Israeli scientists find how pancreatic cancer spreads and kills - study - The Jerusalem Post (  Having lost a great grandfather, grandfather, 1st cousin and two 2nd cousins to this disease, this was of particular interest to me or for anyone who has had a family member or friend die from pancreatic cancer.


21.  ‘A challenge to the soul of man’: 80 years ago, Hollywood stars pleaded for Europe’s Jews. The audience at the mass memorial overflowed Madison Square Garden, the site four years earlier for a rally of American Nazis. Eighty years ago this month, some of the biggest-name Hollywood and Broadway actors staged a pair of sold-out pageants at Madison Square Garden to pressure the United States and its allies to halt the Nazi genocide against European Jews. The March 9, 1943, New York City performance of “We Will Never Die” would be repeated in several cities, including Washington, D.C., where First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, 200 members of Congress, and seven Supreme Court justices attended. Read the story from The Forward (may require a subscription) 80 years ago, Hollywood stars pleaded for the Jews – The Forward


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