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Ellen Beller

Speaker :  Karesz Vandor

'Budapest Jewish History and Hungarian

Jewish Genealogy’ 

Sunday December 11, 2022

Program 10 AM to 12 PM Mountain Time

9:30 AM to 10 AM Schmear, Schmooze, and Share



 The main part of this presentation will be about the development of the Jewish community of Budapest, including anecdotes about significant Jews  and their contributions to the cultural, economic and religious life of the city.

     Also included will be a short history of Hungary with maps and showing border changes, and a Holocaust timeline as well as an overview of how to do genealogical research in Hungarian related areas such as present day Slovakia, Transylvania, northern Serbia, Subcarpathian Ukraine, Burgenland Austria and Hungary proper. 



     Karesz Vandor is a professional Jewish Hungarian historian and genealogist. Besides his native Hungarian he is fluent in English, Russian and also speaks Hebrew, Yiddish and German.  His language proficiency and his Jewish background led him to start his professional genealogy company “Hungarian Roots” In 2003.   He was the editor-in chief of two Jewish genealogy related books.  

     As a military historian, he has been researching the Soviet air force presence in Eastern Europe since 1991 and is now the only researcher studying this topic.  His research covers Jews in the Soviet Army as well.  

     Karesz lives in Budapest where he has been running Jewish Heritage tours for nearly 20 years. His work often includes threading clients’ genealogical research into their tours; guiding them through historical landmarks related to their families; and, for some, taking them to the site of their family’s roots including relevant towns and cemeteries. As a genealogist he has been commissioned to research family origins for the descendants of Hungarians whose ancestors migrated around the world.  


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