Kaplan Family from Svislach, Grodno, Russia (Now Belarus) #usa #russia


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Someone has my Great grandfather Louis Kaplan and wife Esther Wallach and other family in a Kaplan Tree on with lots of wrong information.  He's listed as Louis Svisloch Kaplan when Svislach is where he was from.  Lot of other wrong information.  My Great grandfather only had 1 child (my Grandpa Simon) and Simon only had 2 children.  I am the only one doing genealogy on the family so I am not sure who these people are.  I no longer have full access to Ancestry .com where the tree is located and there was no button to contact the person. 
Louis Kaplan born 1872 had a sister named Pearl/Paula Kaplan Rosen and a brother named Sam who died a bachelor between 1920-1930 in NYC.  There may have been other siblings which we don't know about.  
There parents were Asny Watnick and Samuel Movshe Kaplan. 
Esther and Louis Kaplan lived in Danbury, CT.
I am hoping to find the person with the family tree on Ancestry or more family. 
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Elissa Haden
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Hazel Finn

Hi All
My grandmother Minnie Kaplin came from Minsk.  The information I have about her is as follows:
Minnie Kaplan, born in 1879,  and her husband Lazarus Kirshner settled in London, UK..  She had 5 children, one of whom was my father Alec
Minnie married in  1901 in Minsk.  
Her father was Aaron Jacob Kaplan.  Her brother was Isaac Kaplan who lived in New York and was hoping to arrange for his sister to come over to the US, but this never happened.  There was a nephew Irving who also lived in New York.  Believe she had two sisters, Rose and Sarah.
If anyone has mention of the above on their family tree I would be very happy to hear.
Hazel Finn


I have a few Svislach Kaplans in my family tree.

Bracha (Brosza) Burde (born Kaplan) 1896-1942 married Alter Burde 1992-1942

Chaje Sore Kaplan (born Michnovski) 1892-1942 married Nisan Kaplan 1892-1942 with five children.  

They were murdered in the Shoah in 1942 as was the entire Svislach Jewish community.
Anna Kaplan (born Zacuto).  No information about this person other than a reference in the obituary of Etta Kantrovitz (Zacuto) which refers to her sister, Anna Kaplan, in Liverpool.  This would make her a daughter of Ariel Leib Zacuto.  Estimated birth 1880-1900.

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Charles Joseph