Khust, Ukraine street address #ukraine



I'm trying to pinpoint where exactly the three addresses listed below are located in Khust, Zakarpatska oblast, Ukraine. The street names are pre-1939. One or more street names may have been changed after 1945. They are all most likely in the general area of the city center, around what today is known as the city market, and where one functioning synagogue stills stands.

Řeznická 1
Malom viz utca 335
Zorjana 18

Does anybody have a pre-1939 Khust (Chust) street map
digital file?

Thank you.

Jack Eisner
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mark Friedman


Try to contact Mr Béla Huber from Ungvár. He is a local researcher, I believe he can help with names of streets. 

His email huberbelay@...

All the best
Mark Friedman 


 Dear  Mr Eisner                                  20th March 2023

I wonder : Reznicka 1--might be a district--I am not sure.???

The second sentence is Hungarian:
The three words: Malom--Mill(s)
                            Utca Street  and the number is 335

In my understanding: Number 335 Mill Water Street

Zorjana 18--????  I wonder  maybe apartment number?/

Kind  regards
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK