KING Family of Galveston & Missouri-1860's #general

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Dear Fellow Genners,

The family I am asking help with concerns 3 siblings with the surname
of KING:
1- David Woolf KING (~1820-1880)
2- Barnett KING (~1834-~1924)
3- Aaron KING (1837-1900)

It so happens that 2 brothers of my ancestor, Miriam (King) BLOOM
(1831-1908), commuted between Galveston, Texas & Newport, Wales, UK
between 1860 and 1900.
The 2 brothers were: Aaron KING (1837-1900) and Barnett KING
Aaron King died in Newport, Wales & is buried in the Old Jewish
Cemetery, while family stories tell of Barnett King dying in about
1924 and being buried in South Bend,Indiana.
So far I have been unable to locate Barnett's exact place of burial
and also been unable to get hold of a photograph of his gravestone.
Family members also say that Barnett and Aaron are mentioned in some
museum in Indiana, but no-one has been able to tell me in what Museum
and what was written about them.

Both brothers were Picture frame makers,painters & decorators and had
businesses in Newport, Wales & Galveston, Texas
The 2 brothers married 2 sisters. Aaron King married Anna Paulina
NUEMANN (1845-1932) and Barnett King married Selma NEUMANN(1847-1886).
Both sisters were Lutherans, but Barnett's wife, Selma, converted to
Judaism and is also buried in the Old Jewish Cemetery in Newport, Wales.
The UK Censuses show that both brothers had children born in Galveston
between 1866 and 1873 and then both families returned to the UK.
Descendants of both brothers claim that both Aaron & Barnett King were
involved in the American Civil War possibly on the side of the
Confederates and possibly as dispatch riders.
I sadly don't have a subscription to sites such as Fold3, where I
believe papers relating to these 2 brothers might be found.

Another interesting fact about Aaron KING is that on his gravestone it
is inscribed that he was the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
I have been in touch with the Masons of Texas and they replied that
they have no record of Aaron King having been a Deputy Grand Master,
but then they reported that they had only searched their records
between 1866 through 1874.

I recently discovered that Aaron & Barnett had an older Brother David
Woolf KING (~1820-1880).
He too moved >from the UK to the USA in the late 1850's.
David Woolf King settled with his family in St Louis, Missouri.
David was married to Sarah Lazarus in London in 1842 and they had 10
kids, the last 2 being born in the USA .
David & his 2 sons who were born in the USA, Abel & Myer King are all
buried in Indianapolis.
I have so far been unable to locate the grave of David's wife, Sarah
King, who appears to have died between 1862 and 14 Feb 1870.
I assume she died and was buried in St Louis before the family moved on.
I have been able to trace only 2 lines of descendants of David and Sarah
Their son, Moses KING was a famous publisher, being the President of the
Moses King Corporation.
Moses KING had 3 kids, but I have been unable to trace any living
I have had the most success in tracing living descendants of David &
Sarah's son, Goodman KING, who had only 1 son, Clarence Hopkins King
I can supply more details about the other untraceable children off-list
if anyone needs more information about this family.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer me.

With thanks

Dr Joel Levy
London, UK

BLOOM(Wales,London,New Zealand) KING(UK:Bristol,Newport-Wales;
PHILLIPS(Newport-Wales,London,USA) HARRIS(Wales,Manchester,Hull,Sunderland)
Canada,South Africa,UK,USA,South America)


I am a descendant of Aaron and Anna Paulina King (Neumann.) Their daughter Helen King is my great great grandmother. She married my great great grandfather Thomas Edwards. I have photos of painted portraits of Aaron and Anna, and I have actual photos of Helen. That's all I can add for now. 

Lillian Lombard-Jones