Klimscheffskij from Suwalki #names


My gr-gr-grandfather was Yitzchak Lazar Klimscheffskij (1820-88). He was presumably born in Suwalki and died in Turku, Finland, where he had retired after his long service in the Russian army ( Finland was 1809-1917 an autonomous part of the Russian empire and from 1858 onwards all retired soldiers in Russia were allowed to stay in the place, where they last served). The -ij in the end is certainly a Swedish transliteration of the last name, normally it would be ending in -y. It is possible that the name refers to the Polish town of Klimaszewnica, less than 100km southwest from Suwalki. I have seen Klimaszewskis in Poland but they seem to be more often Christians than Jews.

As the name is complex to write and pronounce, many Klimscheffskijs ended up changing their names to Katro, Kiias (in Finland) or Feinberg (USA). Has anyone come across the name?

David Seligson
Arceau, France (originally from Finland)

Jill Whitehead

I have never come across this name before in Suwalki. There were others in Suwalki whose names originate from elsewhere e.g. names beginning with Plock coming from that town. Allegedly my Brin/Brunn/Braun family from Vishtinetz may have come from Brno/Brunn in Moravia originally. 

In Suwalki you are more likely to find local place names used as surnames e.g. Serwianski after lake Serwy (this is my father's family)

Jill Whitehead, UK, formerly UK rep on Editorial Cttee of Landsmen, journal of Suwalki Lomza gubernia.