Leon SILBERBERG, born Krakow, 1892 #poland

Harvey Kaplan

When Dr Leon Silberberg (Zilberberg) died in Crieff, Scotland in 1954, his death was registered by his sister, who lived in Ellwell Crescent, Rego Park, Long Island, New York, USA.

Born in Krakow, he studied at the Jagiellonian University, graduating MD in 1926.  He married Berta Fraenkel and had 3 daughters: Ada, Halina and Ewa.   Yad Vashem has Pages of Testimony for his wife 
and daughters, who were murdered in Treblinka, registered by a cousin in Jerusalem surname Daybug.

Leon was naturalised in Scotland in 1950.

Wondering if there's any relatives out there who could tell us more about Leon and family.
Please respond privately.
Harvey Kaplan
Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

Geoffrey Weisgard

I have found some references to Leon Silberberg and Dr Bertha Silberberg


Her death is noted in Tadeus Pankiewicz’s ‘The Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy’ in chapter V


A little more information is given by Malvina Graf in her book ‘Krakow Ghetto and the Plaszow Camp Remembered’ On page 44 the author states’ He [SS Oberscharfuhrer Kunde] afraid of being accused of consorting with the Jews, began to fire a gun. A stray bullet hit Dr Silberberg, a compassionate and well liked physician who had practiced in Krakow for many years’.


References to Berta, Felicja, Leon and Stefania Silberberg appear on page 301 of ‘Kobieta Zydowska w okupowanym Krakowie (1939-1945) by Martyna Gradzka Rejak


Three other people named Silberberg are also mentioned in Pearl Benisch’s ‘To Vanquish a Dragon’. This is about the Bais Ya’akov movement during the Holocaust. The named individuals are Moshe Berish, Avrum and Yaffa


Please contact me directly if you would like further details.


Geoffrey Weisgard, Manchester, UK

Author of ‘Krakow; Sources of Information for Jewish Genealogy and History’ published by JewishGen, 2022


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