Liffmann, Leiffmann #names

Abraham Schijveschuurder <ams@...>

I try to find out if that family where Levyim. Who knows and may be even has kehilla registration documents.

Reuven Mohr

it is not clear if you refer to some other thread, of if your query is standing alone. You don't mention any specific location. The last name Liffmann/Leiffmann can often be based on the first name Liebmann/Lipmann/Lifmann, which is a German version like Leizer of the Hebrew Eliezer/Elazar and sometimes other Hebrew names (Yedidya etc.)
In this case the name has nothing to do with the status of Levy.


I found 3 Liffmann buried in Holland (Rotterdam, Zwolle & Enschede) on the Stenenarchief. By none of them it mentions that they were levi'im.