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In a message dated 8/2/98 8:55:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time, HankPropp writes:

<<A little while ago I wrote the research approach being currently used by the
Lithuanian Archives is causing a hit or miss retrival of documents. This was
very correctly amplified on by Saul in his usual professional and wider-scope

I would like to purpose a new approach that maybe in long run prove to be
better than what we are now doing by submitting a surname and request to a
search of a specific shtetlach or area in Lithuania.

A more positive approach may be that the achives complie "catlogs" of what
they have on file and we choose the docments to be search for a given
surname(s) and given cost. That either as a Sig or individually we subscribe
to the "catlogs" and as they are updated we would receive a new catlog with
the changes highlighted. >>

Dear Hank,

Perhaps you are unaware that Vitalija Gircyte's major work of the past eight
months was the preparation of a Catalog of the Jewish Holdings of the Kaunas
Archives. Prepublication copies of this were available for review at the
Seminar in Los Angeles. We are currently completing the introduction to the
catalog, describing what all of the many types of records are, and placing the
holdings in some context of political administrative history. This is a joint
project between the LitvakSIG and the Kaunas Regional Archives, and will be
attached to our website soon.

As a companion piece we are working on transcribing the talk she gave in Los
Angeles, New York and Washington, DC, along with answers to questions which
developed after her talks. This too will appear on our website after Vitalija
has an opportunity to review it, and Judi Langer Caplan, our Online Journal
editor applies her magic and improves its readability.

The Catalog is going on the Internet for several reasons. We want to be able
to continuously update it, and in fact revisions have already been submitted
by Vitalija. In her work she is constantly discovering new records (in
mislabeled fonds for instance). So this document will be dynamic and growing,
and will never be more than a month out of date.

The second reason for publishing on the Internet is that we are an Internet
organization, and believe that all of our work products should be available to
the genealogical world without charge. We are, as you suggest, interested in
the widest possible dissemination of catalogs, our databases and other
information. Any JGS or library (or individual) will be able to download the
catalog, and print a hard copy, as long as our Copyright is respected and no
commercial use is made of the work.

During the next year we hope to obtain the cooperation of the Vilnius State
Historical Archives to prepare a similar catalog which can be published on the
Internet. Over time we hope to do this with other Lithuanian central and
regional archives too.

These projects are some of the major activities that Dues support. We hope
that as "subscribers" begin to see the benefits of LitvakSIG "membership,"
they will support us by paying dues.