LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database milestone: 25 years 2.5 million records #lithuania

Carol Hoffman

LitvakSIG s very excited to announce the following: 

With recent updates to the All Lithuania Database (ALD), LitvakSIG has reached a major milestone: 2.5 million records in 2.5 decades. That works out to 100,000 records translated and added to the database per year, or about 275 per day, day in and day out, over the last 25 years. It is a moment for reflection and celebration. We are grateful for the steadfast support of our many donors and the tireless work of our many volunteers, without whom it could not have happened. We also must acknowledge the paid translators who have worked for us over the years and the marvelous staff at the Lithuanian archives. Thank you all!


We are inspired by the feedback we receive from our researchers who are thrilled to find their ancestors in our translated records. If your ancestors came from what is now Lithuania (including adjoining areas of Belarus and Poland) and you are not yet using the ALD, we encourage you to explore. It's completely free! There you will find over 600,000 vital records, over 1 million records from population enumerations such as revision lists, draft lists, family lists, and censuses, and many other kinds of records as well. We look forward to having you visit the ALD.


Carol Hoffman

LitvakSIG President