Locating German Passports that were surrendered to the British in Eretz-Yisrael (Palestine) #germany #records



My grandfather immigrated from Germany (Lauterbach, Hesse) to Palestine in 1934. He made the tough decision to come alone as the rest of his family (mother and sisters) were not able to leave yet.

He was in his fourth year of university in Fulda at the time and did not wait for it to end. Hi passport was issued in Lauterbach on 7th September 1934 as #77.

Once he arrived in Palestine and requested citizenship, he had to hand over his passport to the British Mandate authorities. I have their receipt for it.

Any idea where / if I can find it?

I have already contacted the German embassy in Israel and was informed that records so old are not kept and that is the reason I also received no response from the Lauterbach municipality as well...

Thanks for any thoughts,

Tamar Amit


Rose Feldman

Shalom Ramar,

  1. Check the iGRA collection – we have some list of passports. 
  2. Also documents from the Germany consul in Palestine was confiscated and in the Israel State Archives.

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Rose Feldman
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Moshe Berman

What was his name? I found my great-aunt’s Fremdenpass in her citizenship application on archives.gov.il You may be able to find it there. 

Moshe Berman,
Boca Raton, FL

Berman, Lehrhaupt, Tropper, Gonter, Schroit, Rabinowitz, Gelb, Wejc, etc etc etc