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Is anyone familiar with the Lodz Jewish Society for Orphan Care Orphanage? My great Aunt, Dora (Devora) KEILES, KEJLES worked there for many years before immigrating to Palestine. I have a picture of the workers/orphans and letters from Dora that mentions what she did there and names of others. I am interested in it's history or if anyone else had relatives who worked or lived there (from 1914-1924).

Rachel Keiles Kessler Park

Vilnius - Keiles, Giguzin, Tobias, Tsigar; Lodz - Keiles; Warsaw - Keiles, Jochwed; Poltava - Nagin(sky), Dubin(sky)

Sherri Bobish


A Google search found this book, which is written in Polish which I cannot read, but the English blurb sounds like the book may be about the orphanage you seek info about.

Also, you might try the YIVO archives to see if they have any records regarding the orphanage:


Sherri Bobish