Looking for a reliable archivist to obtain family records from Belarus #belarus

earl zeitlin

Can anyone recommend a reliable archivist to obtain family records from Polotsk, Belarus?
Earl Zeitlin; Monsey, NY 

Gerald and Margaret

Please contact an organisation based in London UK and Belarus called The Together Plan.  They are helping the remnants of the  Jewish communities in Belarus realise their potential of carrying out research into families who used to make up an important part of pre-20thC European Jewry.  The researchers have huge advantages:  they speak Russian, Belarussian and English;  they live in the area;  they are only too familiar with the bureaucratic ways of this totalitarian State;  they are trained and mentored by Western experts. The Directors can provide you with testimonials.  
Please please contact Debra (London-based) and Artur(Minsk-based) and just say the name of the town you are interested in...They will gasp with joy as that is where the whole project started, so that is where their experience lies.

Good hunting,
Margaret Levin (London UK)

Carl Kaplan

I just got my research results from the Together Plan. I was very impressed, and amazed they were able to take my family back to the 1700s. I also got a great story involving my great-grandfather illegally selling beer. I am now one of their testimonials. Good luck with your research.
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

alan moskowitz

Carl  -   was the cost, if any, reasonable?
Alan Moskowitz

Tamra Hollander

How much do they charge? And what is there number or website?

Tamra Hollander

alan moskowitz

Tamra - just do a google search for The Together Plan - it comes right up
Alan Moskowitz