looking for any information about my father's mother, name of Molly Cohen #usa


Her name was Molly Cohen. She was born in Vilna in the mid 1890's and passed away in NY in 1837. I know she had a brother Ben Cohen who lived in the Bronx  in the mid 1950's to early 1960's when he passed away. He was married to a woman named "Dotty". She also had a brother named Isadore Cohen who lived in Brooklyn in the 1960's. She was married to my dad's father, my grandfather, who was born in Nowy Dwor, Poland. His name was Samuel Lokiec, and Samuel
mother's name was Brina Feigenbaum. Samuel immigrated to Chicago and the surname was changed to Lieberman. I don't know how or when he met Mollie Cohen. They moved to NYC in the mid 1920's/
Thank you so much.
Bonnie Lieberman