Looking for DYKSTEJN and SZRYFTGISER from #warsaw

Tsiporah Trom

Dear Jewishgenners,
I am looking for the descendants of Shlomo Zalman DICKSTEIN/DYKSZTEJN, son of Chaim Szmul, and Liba Necha SZRYFTGISER, daughter of Naftali Hertz, from WARSAW.

Szlama Zelman DYKSZTEJN died in 1911, and his wife Liba Necha SZRYFTGISER in 1912. They are both buried in Okopowa cemetery.

I know of only two sons for the moment:
-Szmul b. 1878 married to Estera Tauba LINDWASER, they had 9 children: Chaim b. 1900, Moshe Morris b.1903, Efraim Ber b. 1904, Chaja b. 1907, Szulem b.1909, Slama Zelman b. 1912, Gabriel b. 1913, Majer Chil b. 1916, youngest b. 1923. The sons were mostly leather workers. Some came to Belgium before WWII and perished in the war. Others may have gone to the US, Israel or Brazil.

-Simcha Yitschak b. 1884 married to Chana MindelThey had a son, Chaim Tzi who came to Tel Aviv around 1935 and I just made contact with his granddaughter.

I am doing this research for descendants of Szulem (b. 1909) who live today in Israel, and were before in Antwerp.

If you have any information about other siblings and their descendants, please contact me.

Best regards,

Geraldine Tsiporah Trom
Antwerp, Belgium