Looking for prof. genealogists in Bratislava #austria-czech #general #slovakia

Kristina Pfeifer


I am looking for a professional genealogist in Bratislava who has experiences with research in Jewish communities. 
So far, I have found professionals on Google but they do not mention Jews at all which is a hint for me that they don't deal with Jewish records often. And that is essential, I noticed.

For the particular search we have already prepared plenty of data, but yet we need somebody in the city to walk to the archives, and know the language and whereabouts. The search will be at about 1918-1927. Other records may be in Prague but Bratislava is the starting point. 

Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you a lot in advance. 

Sincerely, Kristina Pfeifer from Austria

(My given first name is a post-war panic reaction after the survival of my grandma.)

Dubin, David M. MD

Try https://cgsi.org/resources/professional-resources/researchers 

For Slovakian Jewish research years ago I used the first person on the list, Vladimir Bohinc. He was very helpful. I hope he is still active. 

David Dubin
teaneck, nj