Looking for someone who knew Hirsh (Harry) & Fruma (Fannie) Atotsky Family? Three Sons Michael, Harry & Chaim #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

Looking for someone who knew Hirsh (Harry) & Fruma (Fannie) Atotsky Family? Three Sons Michael, Harry & Chaim

This is my 2nd post asking for help to find Hirsh (Harry) Atotsky's burial place.... He died on Jan 26, 1961 in Brooklyn, NY. The NYC & Brooklyn Vital Records could not find his death certificate record so they voided my order. 

I was able to find Hirsh's parents names: Jack Yaakov Uri Lipa Halevi Atotsky and Rebecca Euphromensky in his marriage certificate to Anna Halfin Kleiman.

I have Fruma's death certificate, their two sons Michael and Harry are buried with their mother Fruma at Mount Carmel in Glendale, NY. Harry's wife Rose Bookbinder is also buried with them. Missing is Hirsh (Harry) Atotsky. I have Rose, Harry and Michael's death certificate. Fruma & Hirsh's son Chaim is buried in Jerusalem with his wife Gertrude Eleanor nee Levine. 

Hirsh is not buried at Mount Carmel in Glendale, NY and he is not buried at Har Hazetim where his son Chaim is too.

Hirsh married Anna nee Halfin Kleiman - she is buried in Worcester, MA next to her first husband Barnett. Anna is buried using her first husband's last name Kleiman. Hirsh is not buried at this cemetery. 

I looked under Hirsh and Harry as he apparently changed his name to Harry on documents here and there. 

I have pictures of all of their gravestone. 

Please let me know if you have other ideas. I have called a number of cemeteries in New York. No luck so far...

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror

Michele Lock

There is a person on Ancestry.com named Lynn Kaffko, who the site says has a private tree that contains photos of Harry (Hirsh) Atotsky, who she lists with the death date 1961. Have you contacted her? Her member name is lkaffko.

Was it the NYC Dept. of Health that you contacted to try and get a death certificate? From their website, they say for deaths after 1949, only the following relatives can order a death certificate: child, grandchild, great grandchild, aunt/uncle, niece/nepthew or great niece/nephew. Are you amongst any of these?

It is hard to believe they couldn't find the certificate, when you gave them the index page and the certificate number. You may want to ask about your request situation in the facebook group called 'New York City Genealogy'. They keep up-to-date on the details of what is needed to get a vital record from the NYC Dept. of Health, and discuss what sort of problems people run into. I'd say about a quarter of the posts on that group are about Jewish individuals.
Michele Lock

Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock and Kalon/Kolon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock in Plunge/Telsiai in Lithuania
Rabinowitz in Papile, Lithuania and Riga, Latvia
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lev/Lew in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

Sharon Ann Dror

Thank you, Lynn and I worked together on the Atotsky family as her cousin Rose Bookbinder married Harry Atotsky. That picture she has in her tree is Harry's death certificate that I shared with her.  There are two Harry Atotskys. It is cconfusing. I use both names HIRSH HARRY ATOTSKY which means Fruma's husband. If I say Harry, that means the son. 

Yes, the NYC Dept of Health asked me to send documents via snail mail and notarized. I explained that Hirsh Harry Atotsky and Fruma Fannie Atotsky had 3 sons and two were married, there are NO grandchildren at all. I am the closest living family member. Hirsh's wife Fruma is my great grandmother Shoshana's sister. Shoshana and Fruma have two more siblings, the same generation as me are living. Dara & Linda's great grandfather is Chaim and Nira's great grandfather is Moshe. There are no DIRECT relationships to Hirsh since he had no family of his own other than his wife and their three sons and no grandchildren... They responded saying no record was found. I am in the process of trying it again by sending all the documents and I am hoping a different clerk will handle it better by being thorough to look for the certificate #1907 in BROOKLYN. I asked them to look under both names Hirsh or Harry. The son Harry died in March, 1945. Lynn is not related directly to Hirsh either. Her cousin Rose did not have children with Harry. 

Ironically, I got a letter from NYC Dept of Health yesterday and it was the certificate #1907 in BRONX and the wrong person Max Tellis. I will return it with a letter explaining. 

Thank you for your recommendation about FB group - I definitely will do that.

Stay tuned. 
Sharon Ann Dror