Looking for the families of ESKAR, Rosa, SILVER, M. and HERSHAFT, Ester Yocheved - all residing in Brooklyn, NY, around 1948 #usa #holocaust

Avraham Y. Kahana

Hi all,
I received the following lead from Arolsen's Archives listing the following families/individuals as relatives to Shlomo Kano - a direct relative of mine - married to Ester Yocheved Herszaft/Gerszaft:
  1. - ESKAR, Rosa
  2. - SILVER, M.

All listed as living in Brooklyn, NY, as of 1948.

Please reply privately if you happen to have any additional information on those individuals/families. 
Hopefully I can learn more about their relationship to my Shlomo Kano.

Thanks in advance,
Avraham Y. Kahana