Looking for Weiss family from Romania or France #france


I am looking for relatives of my grandfather Morris
Weiss (May have been Cohen in Europe) born in Kirkakoy, Turkey 1868, lived in Iasi Romania, then Paris France 1890-96. He had two older siblings who remained in Paris. My grandfather came to New York, USA in 1896. Looking for possible family who survived WW 2 or descendants.

Isabel Seldin
New York


Hi Isabel,

I'm not sure we are related but my great grandfather was named Morris Weiss aka Max Voskoboynik. I know he was born in Helem, Russia (not sure about the Turkish/Romanian connection), but  he lived in Paris as a tailor in the Marais district with my great grandmother Marie aka Miriam Lea Berkowitz. They resided there around the turn of the century, married in 1904 and eventually moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1913 after going back and forth. My grandmother was born in 1908 in Cleveland. She must have been the anchor baby as her older brother was born in Paris in 1905. I think Morris had a sister who was married to a man named Prigal. She also lived in Paris at the same time. Obviously, there are many men named Morris Weiss. Let me know if any of this rings a bell. Best of luck with your efforts! Best, Eve Kummel