Looking to find a researcher for help in tracing family in Belarus #belarus



I am 71 years old and am trying to trace my family, all of whom came to the US from Belarus in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Is there anyone any of you know who does such work? I could even use help in working thru the JewishGen website, which contains a lot of information, but is beyond my expertise. Of course, I am willing to pay for any and all work. Thanks.

Frank Shansky

I can be reached at shanskyf@...

Carl Kaplan

Hi. I used a non-profit group out of the UK, called the Together Plan. They work on rebuilding the Jewish communities in Belarus. They also have a research group in Minsk that supports their work. I paid for this research, and was very happy. They traced my family back to the 1740s. I think I was very lucky, as everyone is different.
Their website is

and contact is:  

I believe they are having a webinar on Sunday about the History of the Jews in Belarus. It should be on their website.

Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania


I have worked with Yuri Dorn jhrg@... who provides an excellent commercial service

Anthony Rabin

Harry Auerbach

I am also using this group. They will do an initial search for less than $200, then tell you the probability of success from a Phase 2 search before giving you a cost. You can decide whether to go on to the second phase. I did, with an 80% probability of success on my great-grandfather's side, and only a 40% probability on my great-grandmother's side. I'm happy to take the shot, because I know nothing about this side of my family history. They did advise me the other day that research is slowed because the Archive iis closed due to COVID-19. So, I'll wait.
Harry Auerbach
Portland, Oregon

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

I have known Yuri Dorn for 25+ years and have done several major projects with him. There is no learning curve with Yuri. He know what records are available (or not) for which places in Belarus.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico