Lost Soviet soldier from World War II #russia

Marilyn Levinson

Dear researchers,
I know it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but my cousin and his mother and father were living in Kishinev when Operation Barbarossa started.  The mother and son visited the grandparents in Hotin, and the grandparents, mother, and son were deported from Hotin to Transnistria. In their absence from Kishinev the father had been taken into the Soviet army.  Can anyone suggest the best search sites for trying to find this father who was never heard from again.  Thank you for your help.
Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC


You might Ask Boris Feldyblum, he has many data about jewish soviet soldiers in wwI boris@...
Catherine Morin

Gary Khusidman

Good morning, Marilyn,

There are a few sites:

Although these have the English version, it is best to do a search in Russian since the Russian spelling is often different and I am not certain how well the sites function in English.  If you do not speak Russian or are having trouble, please message me privately and I will do the searches for you.

Additionally, you may want to check Yad Vashem: https://yvng.yadvashem.org/ .  There are some records of people who were killed in military service during WWII.

Gary Khusidman

Sandy Crystall

Marilyn and others-
I found this Russian website (https://foto.pamyat-naroda.ru/) that provides "Photos of the heroes of the great patriotic war." It appears to be a crowd-sourced site; people can post photos of soldiers who lost their lives in WW2.  I was able to find a soldier who had been a friend of someone now living in the U.S.
If you open it in the Chrome browser, it will translate the text for you.
Sandy Crystall
New Hampshire, USA

Photos of the Heroes
of the Great Patriotic War

Photos of the Heroes
of the Great Patriotic War

Researching: CHARNAM/CHANAM(?), SOBEL, PASTERNAK/ POSTERNAK, GLECKEL, STUTMAN, WILLIK- Belozerka, Ukraine; GREENBERG/ GLASS- Grodno, Belarus; CRYSTAL, KRISTAL- Latvia/Lithuania (Riga/Sirvintos/Zagare?); SHERMAN- London, England: Pasvalys, Lithuania; Bauska, Latvia; Melbourne, Australia; Brooklyn, NY; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA; KAPITNIK- Belarus; KATZENBURG- South Africa; LEVINSON- Ventspils; STEINGRUB- Latvia/Lithuania; FEINSTEIN/ GOODMAN- Lithuania/Latvia (?); TUKATCH/ TKACZ Lithuania/Belarus