LÖWI, BERGMAN, Bochnia, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner

Dear JewishGenners:

The November 29, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried a legal notice indicating that the Regional Court in Bochnia, First Civil Division, is seeking the heirs of the following individuals in connection with a claim by Tadeusz Berger for title to a piece of property::

Salomon LŐWI and


The property in question appears in the land register as KW TR1O/00018289/0.

This is a very peculiar notice, unlike those that have come before.  In this particular case, the case has permitted the claimant Tadeusz Berger to deposit a sum of money with the Court against debts owed in relation to the property.  Specifically, Mr. Berger has been authorized to deposit the tiny sum of 6.20 złotys for Salomon Lőwi owed for the year 1932 and 91.50 złotys for Jakub Bergman for the year 1933.  These tiny sums of money are to be paid on demand to the heirs of those named above who are invited to come forward.

This matter is filed with the Court under Docket No. I Ns 577/22.

Best wishes,

Yale J. Reisner
Warsaw, Poland
JGFF #913980