Mail Order Brides, Sephardic Style - Sunday Meeting #sephardic #events


For over 400 years the Amsterdam-based Portuguese-Jewish bridal society
Santa Companhia de Dotar Orphas e Donzellas [the Holy Society for Dowries
for Orphan Girls and Young Ladies], known as Dotar, has provided dowries.
Historically it played an important role in binding the Portuguese-Jewish
diaspora together. Indeed, this was one of its goals. Dotar's membership was
international, and it is a valuable - if complex - tool in understanding
Western Sephardic history and genealogy. Dotar is a rare archival source
whose main focus is the women of the community. Ton Tielen will offer an
introduction to Dotar, and advice on how to search this valuable resource,
which has been digitised by the Amsterdam City Archives.

Ton Tielen needs no introduction to Sephardic genealogists. He has studied
the Portuguese-Jewish archives of Amsterdam for over twenty years, is
co-host of Sephardic World, admin of The Sephardic Diaspora group on
Facebook, and everyone's go-to expert on Western Sephardim.

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