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Francis Sharpley

I am searching for the marriage of Emmanuel Abrahams, born Russia about 1835, and Pauline Krzasny born Witkovo, Province of Posen, Poland about 1823. I believe that the marriage took place around 1857 to 1861.

Emmanuel died on 24 Jan 1900 at 116 Cable St and was buried in Plashet Cemetery, Newham, London together with Pauline, who died 27 Feb 1900 and was buried in adjoining plot on 01 Mar 1900, under the same granite tombstone. A translation of the Hebrew inscription reads "In Loving Memory of EMANUEL and PAULINA ABRAHAMS who Departed this Life Jan 24 1900 aged 67, and Feb 27 1900 aged 76" / "Deeply mourned by their sorrowing son, daughters and relatives" / "In Death They Were Not Divided" / "May their dear souls rest in peace." The Hebrew inscription reads: at the top is the Hebrew word "lezecorone" (as a remembrance). The next line reads, on the right, the words in Hebrew "Morus (mrs) Pesha ayshes (wife of) Menachem Mendel" while on the left "Menachem ben Avraham." Under both of these there is their respective Hebrew dates of burial (26 Jan 1900 for Emanuel and 01 Mar 1900 for Paulina). The next line contains the five letters: Tof, Nun, Tsadik, Bet and Hey (this is on all Jewish tomb stones).

[Mendel, the Yiddish nickname for Menachem.]

Any help in tracing their marriage would be very much appreciated.

Frank Sharpley

Sherri Bobish


You can search for marriages in England at:

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Sherri Bobish

Elynn Boss

I know that this won't help you, but I had to reply since this is SO coincidental to my family.  Was SO excited when you started out with Emmanuel Abrahams, born Russia.

My gr-gr grandfather was Emanuel Abrahams, born Oct 1860 in Russia and married to Leah Pauline Horowitz born about May 1860 in Russia.  They would have married about 1878 or 1879 in England - but I haven't bee able to find a marriage record for them, or when they came to England.  Their first child was Betsy, born 25 Nov 1880 in Whitechapel - I have her birth record.  My gr-grandfather Max was born 1881 in England - but I can't find his birth record.  I have the birth records (in England) for two subsequent children.

Emanuel's Hebrew name was Peres Menachen bar Yechiel.  Max's name was Yechiel Mordechai bar Peres Mendel (Mendel as you said Yiddish for Menachen).   Leah Pauline was Perel Leah bat Aron Moshe.   They all died in NYC.

So close yet so far away.
Elynn Boss
Frisco, Texas, United States
Searching: Abrahams (New York); Gichtin/Gechtin/Gertin (Buffalo, New York and Canada); Dreishpoon (New York, Russia, France), Danovitch/Daynes (New York, Massachusetts, Poland/Russia) and associated branches.

David Ziants

Elynn Boss - The Hebrew word for "son of" is בן / ben.

Often, on a grave stone, this is rendered as an abbreviation ב"ר bet apostrophe resh which stands for ben reb /son of Mr. . This is no doubt the source of your error in using the word "bar" in your reply when mentioning Emanuel's Hebrew name.

Bar / בר is actually the Aramaic word for son of -  but rarely used today in a contemporary name for this.  This is used in the word bar-mitzva (a boy reaches 13 years old - lit. "son of commandment"), and there was Simon Bar-Kochba (, who was a Jewish general in the period of the Tannaim (, and there are a few other similar examples. 

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel