Masia, Bayuk and Chwat #poland

Hazel Dakers

I am trying to help someone to link three families, two >from Bielsk and one
from Bialystok.
1. Aaron Israel Michaeliovitch Masia and his wife Ghitel had a son known
both as Israel (and Jules Sonny - which I presume is a later civil name)
born 20 March 1865 in Bielsk, Russia.

He had cousins:

2. The family of Samuel Bayuk b. 10 Apr 1870 Bielsk, Gorodno, Russia. (His
parents were Moses Bayuk and probably Fay Sugarman - though Moses had
several wives and I am uncertain here).

3. The family of Jacob Samuel Molli Chwat b.1888 Bialystok, Poland (artist)
married to Louba Gattin

Living descendants of the Masia family have told me that Bayuk and Chwat
were cousins but they don't know what is the precise connection.

I would appreciate hearing >from any member of this list who has a connection
with any of these families.

Hazel Dakers, London UK researching:

BIRNBAUM (Zgierz & Lodz, Poland), GOLD (Zgierz & Lodz, Poland), HEIMANN
(Luegde, Germany & South Africa), NORDEN (London and South Africa)


I am related to Molli Ronin.  He is my great great uncle via his father Pinkus Chwat.  Molli was a brother of my great grandfather, Boruch.  Any information about his descendants would be appreciated.

Davi Ronin

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