Meaning of the given mame "Ickowna" #names


or the synonym name for women in eastern Europe?

Dr.Josef ASH

In Russian this means that she is a daughter of Icko.
Her brother was Ickovich
the father, naturally, Icko Itsko, Itshak and any other spelling of this name of one of Our Fathers


I would be very surprised if this was actually a "given" name. Endlings with "owna" typically mean "daughter of" so one would assume that this woman/girl was the daughter of someone named Icek.

Judy Golan
JRI-Poland Kielce Area Coordinator
JRI-Poland Sandomierz Area Coordinator


Correct spelling is Itzkovna. This is a patronym and it means that her father's name was Itzik or Isaak in Russian spelling. Incidentally, my mom was Rozalia Isaakovna.

Sally Bruckheimer

"Correct spelling is Itzkovna" - In Russian, transliterated, maybe, but in Polish Ickowna was how it happened most of the time.

I have transcribed thousands of bmd for Polish towns, and Ickowna, and Ickowicz for men, were what occur.