Memorializing an unmarked mass grave site in Ukraine, near Lviv #ukraine

Jessica Eber

Dear all,

Several hundred Jews lie buried in unmarked mass graves at the Jewish cemetery in Jezierzany (now Ozeryany), a small Galician town not too far from Lviv that was home to a vibrant Jewish community before the Holocaust. In 2018, interviewers from Yahad-in Unum visited the
town, where eyewitnesses described the deportation of about 1,000 Jews to Belzec in September 1942, the murder at that time of many others who were shot on the spot, and the subsequent massacre in a nearby forest of about 600 Jews whose bodies were then transported and buried in a large pit at the cemetery.

A group of descendants from Jezierzany has been given permission to erect a stone memorial at the cemetery, honoring the memory of those who are buried there. We need to raise another $1000 to complete this project. Please contact Jessica Eber at eadj593@... if you can help us reach our goal to mark this place for posterity, preserve our history, and memorialize the Jewish lives lost in

Thank you!